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Mã Sản Phẩm : COM10221P

Giá : 385,000 VND (đã có VAT)
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 Find setting up an amplifier IC on the breadboard a troublesome and totally no-need-to-repeat job? This Grove module can save you clutter to settle up such an IC by integrating the whole operating circuit. It's designed for precise differential-input amplification. Input the differential signals of your sensor to this module through the male pins, then your Arduino will get a precisely amplified output from the Grove interface. The gain scale factor is selectable. You can get a 304 times or 971 times amplification via a switch on the board.

  • High amplifying precision
  • Selectable scale factor
  • Can be conveniently read by Arduino
  • Strong input protection: ±40V
Application Ideas
  • Sensor signal amplifier
  • Signal comparison
  • General purpose amplification
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