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D65 wheel set - Blue

Nhà sản xuất : DFRobot

Tình trạng      : Còn hàng


Mã Sản Phẩm : KIT0014-B

Giá : 476,000 VND (đã có VAT)
Qty :


This wheel set including a pair of Blue D65mm rubber wheels(FIT0199-B), two specific adapters(FIT0198) and two micro DC geared motors(FIT0016). 
They are commonly used in our 4WD and 2WD platforms like Turtle (ROB0005), Pirate (ROB0003), and Baron(ROB0025).
Shipping list
  • D65mm Rubber Wheel Pair - Blue(without shaft)(FIT0199-B)       x1
  • Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft (FIT0016)                x2
  • Wheel - Motor Adapter (FIT0198)                                x1