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Bo mở rộng IO (IIC to GPIO Module)


Nhà cung cấp:  DFRobot

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Mã Sản Phẩm : DFR0013

Giá : 297,000 VND (đã có VAT)
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When Arduino is used for robots or interactive media, digital IO port is always found not enough? IIC now turn I / O modules to help you solve the problem, Arduino only two data lines (SCL-Analog PIN5, SDA-Analog PIN4) and IIC can transfer I / O module communication, to convert the 16 digital IO ports, read-write. 8 simultaneous parallel modules, each module can be set to address.


  • Module power supply: +5 V
  • 16 Digital IO port comes with internal pull-up
  • Can be set to eight addresses (address range of 0x20 ~ 0x27)
  • 8 modules simultaneously in parallel (IIC bus need to pull together)
  • Module Size: 42x40mm


Shipping List
  • IIC To GPIO Module(1 unit)